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Σμίκρυνση Επαναφορά Μεγέθυνση Όξυνση αντιθέσεων


Βetween the sea and the cliffs, between reality and dreams, between history and legend, the scenic settlement of Karavostasi, at the foot of Homer’s Oitylo - a stone slipway - the complex "En plo sailing" has a crew of fourteen sea nymphs - fourteen luxury suites - that are ready to welcome you and to take you to the proud wonders of Mani.


In the unforeseen, inaccessible, proud and unique Mani, the sightseer enjoys the rare beauty of coastal landscape (The caves of Pirate Mauros and the caves of Hades, the peninscula .tigani. et.c.) and passesancient regiens. Here he will see abundant ancient sites, Byzantine monuments and traditional settlements, 98 of the 118 settlements are entirely in the Peloponnese (Areopoli - Koita - Vathia).

In the bay of Diros, at a distance of 4 Km from Pyrgos Diros, adorned with towerhouses, the famous caves and the Neolithic museum can be found.

The caves of Diros, the largest and the most beautiful caves in Greece, make up one of the most impressive natural sights of Mani.

At the most southern point of European continent , near the temple of Posseidonas , rises the proud and beautiful sentry the Tainaros Lighthouse, which the visitors meets after a 20 minute walk in amazingly wonderful natural landscape.

The arterial position of our lodgings provides the guest with the possibility to organize numerous day trips, such as :

  • Sparti - Mystras - Kaiadas - Taigetos
  • Monemvasia - Limeni - (fiord)Gerakas
  • Neapoli - Elafonisos
  • Kosmas - Elona - Geraki
  • Tour of Mani (Skoutari - Kotronas - Porto Kagio - Caves of Diros)
  • Areopoli - Limeni - Oitylo - Stoupa - Kardamyli - Kalamata
  • The springs of Saint Marina - the Basilica Wood
  • The Blessed Virgin Mary (Giatrissa - Healer) Taigetos

and museums such as :

  • Gythio, The Historical and Ethnological museum of Mani
  • Diros, The museum alepotrypas Diros
  • Areopoli, Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments of Mani in the Pikoulaki Towerhouse
  • Sparti, the archeological museum, The Olive museum

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