Environmental Statement

Close to the magnificent village of Karavostasi at Oitylo, Mani area in south Peloponnese is located the En Plo Luxury Suites. A definite high quality selection for calm and relaxation long day vacation.

Fourteen A class category luxurious suites are influenced by the architecture of the nobility of Mani’s tradition. Excellence view to the sea and the mountains, are equipped by all modern amenities promising a luxurious, unique experience of hospitality.

The Environmental awareness of the owners and managers of En Plo Luxury Suites, is perceived in all everyday functions.

The Environmental policy is communicated to the staff, suppliers and visitors improving its environmental performance.

The company is leading in the reduction of solid waste by qualitative use of refilled bottles. Special environmental program is the recycle of solid municipal wastes as paper, plastic, glass and aluminum as developed and recommended by the local authorities. Another program is the reduction of natural resources (water and energy) consumption by implementing preventive management measures.

In the Energy sector applies modern practical use of solar panels, Inverter type air conditioning units, LED type light bulbs, keycards and specific informative signs.

In the context of corporate responsibility the owners pay particular attention to service quality, providing guests with ecological personal care products, promoting and encouraging environmental education and training and strengthening local or closest commercial market mainly for the supply of organic products.

Emphasis is also given, in the local Mediterranean flora, using native ornamental plants and supporting extensive olive tree orchards while aiming to reduce the environmental footprint of the garden by developed specific program to manage the gardening waste.

In conclusion, the environmental consciousness of En Plo Luxury Suites contribute to the development of an environmentally sustainable tourism product turning your holiday into a refreshing period of time.